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Few Dallas psychotherapy practices specialize exclusively in anxiety disorders.  Most counselors and psychologists treat a wide variety of issues alongside anxiety, but this boutique clinic focuses on anxiety alone.  Because of this singular focus, you can be sure that your treatment plan is based on the most effective research and time-tested techniques.  Most clients are high functioning individuals, the kind of people you would never guess deal with anxiety.  The goal is simple: to alleviate the frustration and suffering that persistent anxiety can bring, and to channel that anxious energy into creating a life that excites you—in a good way!  

Heather Ellett, MA, LPC

Heather has undergraduate degrees from Southern Methodist University and a Master's in Counseling from Amberton University.  Before pursuing a career in counseling, she served as Vice President of Publishing at a publicly-traded Dallas company for eight years.  After resigning from her executive position to pursue counseling full time, she worked at a premier Austin psychotherapy clinic and was inspired by their utilization of research-based, outside the box techniques for treating anxiety disorders.  Heather practices time-limited Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), in combination with a more modern or "third wave" approach to CBT which incorporates mindfulness therapy.  Clients value Heather's direct coaching style and describe her as energetic, personable, funny, and results-oriented.  One client said that she felt like she had a personal coach for anxiety and panic.  She has written for the American Stroke Association, American Heart Association, the online magazine Elephant Journal, and is the author of the novel Ain't Nobody Nobody.  When Heather is not writing or counseling, she can be found spending time with her family and cycling around White Rock Lake. 


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