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Many people first seek counseling because they think they are depressed, and it is true that many of the symptoms of anxiety and depression overlap.  Still, many people diagnosed with depression are actually dealing with anxiety.  Depression is a natural result of the way that constant worry interferes with a person's life; this is called secondary depression.  However, targeting the correct root cause is imperative to effective treatment.  Treating depression when anxiety is the cause is like painting over a crack in your wall without ever addressing your house's foundation.

  • Nearly one-half of individuals diagnosed with depression are also diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.

  • Having an anxiety disorder is the single most significant predictor that a person will develop depression.

Many clients who experience secondary depression will find that their depression resolves on its own as a result of doing better with anxiety, and no targeted depression treatment is necessary.

"I was told that I was depressed.  I felt sad, but 'depression' didn't sound quite right to me because I have a lot of energy.  My brain felt like a whirlwind!  But once we got the constant worry under control, I didn't feel sad anymore."
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