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COVID Anxiety and Issues with Social Isolation

The COVID pandemic affects us all differently, whether we have a history of anxiety and panic attacks or not. Some people are worried about getting sick themselves, some people are worried about elderly family members. Some people are worried about their jobs or the economic impact. Some are suffering under the real pressures of social isolation. All of these are valid concerns, and self care is crucial for staying emotionally and physically well.

Even though we live in uncertain times, we do not have to suffer in uncertainty. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness Therapy give people tools for dealing with even the craziest, most unprecedented world events. In fact, times of disruption can be the best time to start working on our issues because of how drastically our daily patterns are changing. It's in this upheaval that we can replace our negative patterns with healthier, positive ones.  And when crisis is over, we emerge changed and empowered, and able to bring new perspectives into our "normal" lives. 

Now accepting new clients via Zoom, Skype, Facetime, or telephone. Discounts for first responders and medical personnel. Sliding scale available for clients experiencing financial hardships due to COVID shutdowns.

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